Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Where once there was more.
Now there is one.

Yes .... just ONE The Coziest Memory Blanket square is left.

The rest went out with the rubbish on Tuesday morning.

I know. It was a lot of yarn wasted. It was a lot of time down the drain. BUT, I have a good reason. 

Several of the squares were knitted with the Noro Kureyon Sock yarn from the Basic Beanie Hat. The yarn is notorious for pulling apart and while I was knitting a square that is EXACTLY what it did. Simply shredded!

Now in a house with a husband AND a cat, I know darn well that blanket is going to see the washer on a regular basis. I did not want to put in hours and hours of work only to have it fall apart the first time it is washed. I'd much rather lose the time making eleven squares than 200+ squares.

I cut my losses early.

It seemed like the prudent thing to do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Kathy B. set up a dishcloth swap.

I was paired with Vera from The Threaded Lane.

Vera and I have been chatting for awhile now,
so it made the pairing even MORE special

Today the UPS man stopped by my door.

There were two beautiful cloths for me.
There was some Euclan wool wash.
(How did Vera know I needed some?)

And....a LoLo Bar in Citrus Basil.
(Okay ..... HOW did she know I have rough elbows too?)

It was a perfect package beautifully wrapped with bows
and with sweet cards enclosed.

But, WAIT!
There's MORE!

Tyg, Vera's sweet tabby cat sent along a little something for Giroux.

 Giroux went absolute NUTS for the cookie treats. He likes his Greenies, but he LOVES Temptations! Giroux says THANKS, TYG! They are some mighty tasty cookies!

Tyg also sent along a little catnip lizard!
Catnip makes Giroux go all scratchy-happy!

Thank you, Vera
and Meowy- wowy Tyg.

You made OUR DAY!

And ......thank you, Kathy, for setting this all up.
It may have been my FIRST swap,
but it won't be my last!

The Hunt

Back when I was a new sock knitter one of my first "fancy" socks was Dragon Breath. I made it in a rich red yarn. Of course, those socks are long worn out. But, I remembered that I enjoyed knitting that pattern.  

The only problem was I couldn't remember the exact name of the pattern. I thought it had something to do with flame, or fire, or something like that.

Off to Rav. pattern search I went. Do you know how many pages of fire or flame patterns there are? I put in filters -- socks --- top down --- FREE.

After many hours of looking over two days,  I came across DRAGON BREATH! (Okay, so it wasn't EXACTLY fire or flame --- but, heck, this was YEARS ago when I made that sock.

I pulled the PERFECT yarn from my stash --
Fiber Seed Sprout in the colorway EMBERS.

You can see it there on the top left
along with some Blue Ridge Kaleidoscope on the top right
and Shenanigans Silk and Silver there on the bottom.

Yep --- I've got a trio of socks going.


A bit of blog housekeeping.

I have a question for those of you that are no-reply commentors.

Do you come back to the comments section to read if I responded to your comment?

Is there a reason for being no-reply?

For many of you, I HAVE email addresses or you have enabled the track-back feature.
It makes it so much easier to reply to your comments.

But comes down to this.
I appreciate ALL comments.

I'm just trying to figure out whether I should reply to your reply here in the comment section.

Coming up soon:  a sad demise --- good bye to bad rubbish.
Stay tuned to read all about it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Basic Beanie

It is not exactly wooly weather around here,
but I just can't stop.

Knitting is positively addictive.

Just in case cold weather ever shows up again,


Bring it on, Mother Nature!


Pattern:  Basic Beanie

Yarn:  Noro Kureyon Sock

Colorway:  S185

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kathy's Monday Q & A

The Q & A is a little early this week.
So, pull up a chair and ENJOY!

1. Have you ever won an award?

No, I don't think I have, unless you count those "blogger" awards that every one was passing around a few years ago.

2.  Do you like the baby blanket below?

I like the pattern. I'm not real fond of the color choices. I'm not a big fan of yellow.

3.  What's your favorite gauge to knit in?

Fingering weight. Socks are my favorite thing to knit, but then, I guess you probably already knew that.  

4.  Where was the best cup of coffee you ever enjoyed?

Davis Island Coffee on Davis Island in Tampa, Florida. Wonderful coffee and a great atmosphere.

5.  Do you have a favorite family recipe that has been passed down for a few generations.

I have two of my favorite recipes from my childhood. They were my Mom's recipes, so not REAL old, but we enjoy them.  One is the stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving and the other is my Mom's macaroni salad.

6.  Did you know you can have a conversation in the message section of Facebook with someone out of the country.

I think I heard of that, but since I don't really communicate with anyone out of the country, I've never given it a try.

7.  Is it harder to send the kids to kindergarten or college.

Kindergarten was easy.  College was hard. Having Stephen move to Virginia has been pretty tough too.

8.  This is a new, free KnitPicks pattern.  I think patterns are so much better written now than years ago. Do you?

Some patterns are wonderful and well written. But, there is also an awful lot of crap out there.

9.  Ravelry really changed our craft AND our communication. Do you have an old pattern that a family member passed down to you?

No. No one else in my family did knitting or stitching the way that I do. My grandmother crocheted and cross stitched, but she always worked from kits. My Mom didn't do any needlework I don't think. She may have embroidered a pillow case or two, but that's about it.

10.  When was the last time you traveled with your pet in a car.

Giroux rides in the car quite often. He's a very good traveler. But, then he travels in comfort. We bought a dog crate big enough for a great dane. His litter box fits in there, with a nice soft mat to lay on. His food and his water are in the back seat cup holders. The little prince has everything he needs.

He's pretty chill in the car.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stash Enhancement

I know I'm supposed to be slashing the stash,

BUT ....

I could not resist!

OMGosh ....all my favorite colors in one big bundle!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Felines

What Friday night looks like at our house.

Comfy chair  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I've Got The Blues

I've been busy, busy, busy
with a terrible case of cast-on-itis.

It started with a pair of socks.

It moved on to a hat.

Then it morphed into knitting up squares on my Coziest Memories Blanket.

I was using a pair of size 2 AFGHAN needles for the blanket.

These are the kind of needles that are so long that you can sit on the sofa
AND press the channel buttons on the TV with the tips.....

from across the room.

Yes, they were almost that long.

They were awkward and unwieldy.

They were also old in, I think I bought them back in the 1970s.

A trip to the yarn store was definitely in order.

I found a very nice bamboo 24" circular Hiya Hiya needle.


While I was at the yarn store, the shop owner and I were talking about shops that had opened and shops that had closed. She said a store a few miles away had closed. I was pretty sure she was wrong about that, but seeing that I moderate the Orlando Knitters group on Ravelry, I figured it was my responsibility to find out for sure.  I mean, what kind of moderator would I be if I didn't keep things up-to-date and correct? It was my DUTY!

That's when I got the blues.

The shop is, indeed, still open
and I got the blues in the BEST sort of way.

I do love me some Zauberball!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Q & A

Monday Q & A time with Kathy!
Here we go......

 When was the last time you saw a butterfly? 

Yesterday. I saw a monarch butterfly just enjoying his trip through our backyard.

Why on Earth is this shoe on top of the station wagon?  It appears to be tied there.  

Well, the REST of the guy was up there a few moments ago. Wonder how long ago Pete fell off the roof?

Do you prefer a cardigan with buttons or a zipper?  (assuming you dont have to put the buttons or zipper in) 

I don't do cardigans. Pull-over all the way. Cardis always gap in the center. I don't like that.

When was the last time you wished you didn't have so many ends to weave in?

I'm sure I am in the minority. I actually don't MIND weaving in the ends. I'm just pretty obsessive about getting them tacked down tightly.

When was the last time someone asked you, "Did you knit that?" (this includes relatives who have seen you don articles of clothing that perhaps begged the question) 

I don't get that EXACT question. But, when I tell them I am knitting socks, I usually get "for a baby"? I guess most people think adult socks have to look like a Christmas stocking size thing to fit. They don't understand about negative ease. LOL

When was the last time you spilled a drink?

A couple of weeks ago at Starbucks. The table was wobbly and it tipped a bit when I went to stand up. My venti iced tea landed in my lap. Thankfully, tea was all it was and it dried up pretty quickly in this Florida heat and I was really glad I didn't spill any on my friend, Sue.

Are you a fan of Dot&Bo house decor?  (the are the new pottery barn in my book)

I've never heard of them. Maybe I should check them out. We'll be buying new stuff when we move. I'd like to change up my style a little bit. Oh hell --- what am I saying? It's not change it up ---- it's GET SOME STYLE!

When was the last time you floated in a tube on a river or lake, jet skied or water skied?

I haven't tubed since we left Pennsylvania 32 years ago. I've never jet skied --- it looks like FUN! I have tried waterskiing. I skied many years ago on the Suwannee River and then tried again a couple of years ago on Lake Beulah. Time has not been kind to me. I sucked A LOT of lake water that day.

If you could knit with anyone today who would it be? (not fair to say me, that's a given

Oh poop! You KNOW I was totally going to say you. I think if I can't say you, I would say my "Aunt" Shirley. She helped me learn and I think she would be very surprised that after 50+ years I'm STILL KNITTING! She would probably also be surprised that I've graduated from that one long scarf that I knit and re-knit for YEARS!