Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Gotcha Day

Today is a very special day at Maison de Giroux.

It is the second anniversay of his Gotcha Day.

He was a teeny tiny boy of 5 pounds when he showed up on our doorstep.

It was clear that life-on-the-road had not been kind to him.
Along the way he picked up fleas, worms and had an infected mouth.

He was a very quiet and subdued boy for a few days until the medication
and good food started to kick in.

Newly energized and still a bit of a kitten,
he found that wool knit socks were much to his liking.
We couldn't keep him out of the laundry pile.
He never hurt the socks.
He just loved to drag them around and sniff them.

He found that toilet bowls gave a constant source of fresh, cool water.
He was endlessly amused with every flush.
There were a few times when he fell completely in before
he learned the "balance and drink" technique.
Thankfully, he gave up that habit when he found . . . 
...the joys of Tervis Tumblers
(or any other cup we are drinking out of, really. He's not fussy. 
He loves them all.)

He can really give you the stink-eye when you are too slow opening the door.

Or when you dare to touch his beloved feather ball.

But, mostly he just keeps us laughing.

Everyone says that he is so lucky to have found us.

 I see it differently.

In spite of some pretty fantastic vet bills in the beginning.
In spite of 3 AM wake up calls to play when he was a kitten.
In spite of having to cap every drink and share every turkey sandwich.
In spite of having to scoop, scoop, scoop
(we call him Cannonball Charlie or Stinky Pete for his litter box deposits).

WE are the lucky ones.

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. G.