Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Line Up

Seven little projects all in a row.

Seven bagged up socks all ready to go.

Plus one more . . . 

...'cause Christmas will be here before we know.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Q & A

Y'all know the drill --- she asks,
I answer!

1.  Sure sign of spring? Bugs! Has anything bitten you yet?

Lordy, lordy, lordy! That is not just a spring/summer thing here in Florida. Our mosquitoes are year round and they are so big they have landing gear and lights.

Yes, living on the river means ............between the mosquitoes and the no-see-ums, I pretty much ALWAYS have bites.

2.  Do you knit for practice? I don't mean for gauge. I mean for stitch pattern.

No. I usually dig right in to the project. I know it will come back to bite me one of these days, but I don't swatch either.  

3.  Have you tried the ONE TOUCH latte for your coffee?

I haven't even HEARD of it. So, I did what every inquiring mind does ....I GOOGLED. Looks interesting, but is not something I would ever use.

4.  Persil laundry detergent seems to be the new fad. Have you seen it, tried it, liked it?

Back in Orlando we used Persil. It has a heavier fragrance than most other detergents and in our area, cost more, but you use less. I tried several bottles and liked the way they cleaned. I would switch it up between Persil, Tide and Gain depending on what coupons I had.

Here, it is harder to find. Our small grocery doesn't stock it. So, I'm back to using that good old stand by, Tide.

5. When is the last time you wore a hand knit that you created?

Yesterday. I had on a pair of hand knit socks and I slept under an afghan that I knit approximately 30 years ago.

6.  Does having more sunlight in your day make you more active?

Maybe. I don't know if we are MORE active, but it certainly gives us more opportunity to walk in the evening after supper.

7.  Who is the last person that made you laugh?

Probably me!  I crack myself up all the time.  Or it could have been Steve. He's pretty funny too.

Mr. G. says, "Enjoy that walk. I'll be right here when you get back."