Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wagon HO!

Wave bye-bye to the yarn-diet wagon.

I fell off it .....and fell off it HARD!

But you know what?


Even if I could catch up with it ... I wouldn't climb back on.
I am DONE with that.

I came. I saw. I bought,
and I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

(Mini discussion coming up soon ----- stay tuned.)

In the meantime, let's dish about the yarn.

The two big skeins in the middle --- well, they ARE pretty,
but it's the names that sold me.

The dark one on the left is Velvet Elvis. 
The lighter one on the right ............Unicorn Farts!!!


The other skeins are minis to go into my scrappy blanket.

Two are Fiber Seed 'Seedlings
(Blue Suede Shoes - another Elvis reference? and Clover)

Two are Gumballs by Knitted With
( Honey Lavender and Brown Sugar)

The Brown Sugar has already been knit into the blanket and it looks GREAT!
This is a wonderful yarn.

So the discussion . . .

I've been watching podcasts while I am knitting. I'm amazed and a bit saddened by how many podcasters say --- "I'm knitting this for me. I'm being selfish". Or they will say ---- "I've been naughty. I bought yarn."

I think we should stop thinking this way. Why is it selfish to make something for ourselves? I don't disagree that it is nice to share our talents and give gifts of our projects but, don't WE deserve nice knit things as much as anyone else?

And .............if our mortgage is paid, the creditors are not banging down the door and we are not subsisting on canned baked beans ...........why NOT buy yarn? Who does it hurt if we have a stash? Seeing as most of us buy from small businesses and independent dyers  - - - I think we are doing a good thing. 
So I say, ----------shop small

That's my new motto!
And, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it!