Tuesday, January 17, 2017


When you have a yarn cake with the colors all swirled together like this,
you might expect that you get a patchy mix of the colors.

I didn't expect

What a happy surprise.

The brown yarn is just some Cascade Heritage in basic brown, I think.
The ball band seems to have disappeared.
But it feels and knits up like the Cascade Heritage on the blue pair in a previous post.

The chocolate, red and white yarn is the Fiber Seed Sprout
in the colorway:  Hawthorne

I think it looks like chocolate covered cherries.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Morning Q & A

Kathy's got the questions.

I'z got the answers.

AND...the first finish of 2017,
coming up later in the post.

1. Do you use a mannequin, prop, or person for modeling your knits?

Mostly the floor or the bed (prop?), but sometimes a person. I don't think I've ever used a mannequin. I would like to get a foot/leg though --- I think that would model socks nicely.

2.  Do you know anyone that has gone through the ice?

Yep . . . me. I was playing ice hockey with friends on Pennypack Creek and followed the puck right through the thin ice. Luckily, the creek isn't very deep. I just stood up, albeit cold and wet, and then walked home to change. The hardest part of that was explaining to my father how I had gotten so wet. I think he is laughing still.

3.  Do you wear reading glasses, bifocals, contacts.

I wear old fashioned 28-flat top (i.e. traditional lined) bifocals and have since I was 21 years old. I tried progressives and hated them. I'm sticking with what works for me, even if I have been told by one glasses salesperson that "she'll get me out of those lined bifocals that make me look OLD!"  LOL Instead, I got a new eyeglass provider.

4.  Have you tried a new skill yet in 2017.

Not yet, but I am SERIOUSLY considering toe up socks using Judy's Magic Cast On. There are just sooo many nice patterns that are toe up and I've been rejecting them because it just seems like too much work to adapt the pattern. Really! How hard can it be to learn toe up?

5.  Name a favorite president of the United States?

None of them .................well, okay. I'll pick Dwight Eisenhower. He and I have the same birthday, although he WAS born a few years BEFORE me.

6.  When was the last time you were lost?

Quite often lately. We recently moved to a somewhat large city bisected by a river that makes a big turn in the center of town. The bridge system is CONFUSING!!  LOL Then you have the I-95 construction project wherein SOME exits aren't very well marked. I spend a lot of time saying, "well, THIS isn't where I thought I WAS!" 

7.  What type of yarn is most prevalent in your stash?

This is an EASY one ---- fingering weight (also known as SOCK yarn).

8.  Since we (Kathy) is in an ice storm, name something you like over ice?

A latte or some iced tea.  I was trying to think of an alcoholic drink I like over ice, but mostly I drink my liquor neat or in a mixed drink without ice.

9.  What time did you fall asleep last night?

I was reading in bed last night. I *think* I closed the book and turned off the light around 2 AM.

10.  Share a winter memory of your mother.

I remember one Easter when we had a big snow storm. We were all dressed up and ready to go when my Dad realized he had left his keys in the house. He yelled to my mom to throw him the keys, which she did......from an upstairs bedroom window. He missed ................I don't think he found those keys until the snow melted. 

Needless to say -----------we were late getting to my Grandmom's for supper.

Now .....to finish up the post....


It's my first finish of 2017.

It's never too early to get a jump on Christmas 2017!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bailing From the Bandwagon

I admit . . . I got sucked onto the bandwagon known as the


I jumped in with both hands, a lot of my yarn, and all my double points.

There was one for Harry Potter themed knitting.

There was one where you fill a box with socks.

Another urged you to knit 17 (socks) in 17.

Another had the catch phrase ... Make WIPs not Waste.
A good and honorable venture to be sure,
and a cause I could really get behind,

but in the end...

it was all too much.

Too many rules to keep straight.
I'll admit, my ability to keeps things orderly in my mind is just not happening these days.

The simpler, the better.
Adding competition into the knitting is NOT my idea of a good time even if,
I am only in competition with myself and my knitting intentions.

It seemed I was knitting just to get things ticked off an imaginary to-do list
and get on to the next thing as quickly as possible.

So, I bailed.

Well, actually . . . I bailed on most of the knit alongs.

I did decide to stay with ONE.

The one that Andi of My Sister's Knitter is doing is simple - - 
reduce your stash!

The yarn must have been in your stash prior to the beginning of 2017.
As long as you've used 100 yds. or more ---- it counts.

Easy peasy!

So, I have to ask.
KALs ---- yay? or nay?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Squared Up

Actually it is more of a rectangle.

Since January 1 four squares have been knit into my scrappy blanket.

The first was the bright orange/yellow square
The other three are along the top row starting with the blue,
going into the pink/white/brown and finishing up with an
undyed KnitPicks Stroll yarn.

That gives me a total of 20 grams out of the stash
with 0 grams being added.

That will be all the squares until I get some socks finished.

Go, socks, GO!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Getting Soxy

So here we are at the 11th of January.

You'd think there would have been something finished by now, 
wouldn't you?

There isn't.

There's just this sock that is barely started.

The yarn is actually a deeper blue than this.
I'll blame bad coffee shop lighting.
It certainly couldn't be the photographer.
Nah .........BAD lighting.
Seriously, enough yarn has passed over these needles to wrap around the 
block several times.

All of it was frogged back and wound back into a ball.

The yellow.

The green.

I think there was a purple.

Just so.much.wasted.time.

But, hope springs eternal.
This time might be THE time I make something I actually like.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Kathy's Q & A

Time for another round of
"getting to know you, getting to know all about you".

How do you Hygge*?

I brew a cup of tea and serve it in mugs that were gifted to me by friends.
I take that moment to feel grateful for their friendship and generosity
and send good vibes their way.

Have you ever tried to feed the birds by hand?

I've tossed Cheetos in the air for the seagulls to catch.
Does that count?
They DID catch them.

Pets can be, well....messy!
What is your best cleaning advice.

Dog poop bags.
Good for CAT poop too.
Scoop, fill, knot ...... no litter box odor to linger in the trash can.

Have you emailed a famous person?

Not FAMOUS famous, but locally famous.
I emailed a local news person when she asked how to pronounce
a difficult, local town name.

I got a very kind and thankful response from her.

Are you making a hat for the Pussy-project?

No. I don't believe that lowering myself to the President-elect's level
is the way I want to present myself.

I find using that term, even ironically, to be degrading.

Sadly, President-elect Trump will not understand the irony.
He's just not that bright.

Did you have to check up on a gift knit to see if it got there?

Not for Christmas.
Just a standard gift.
Our son is terrible about letting us know when he receives things.
Drives me C-R-A-Z-Y

Would you even think of 17 socks in 2017?

Yes, and if I can get my knit-shit together, 
I think I can actually DO it!

Did you watch the Golden Globes.

Yes, and the pre-show too.
I love seeing all the beautiful gowns
the crazy ones.

How 'bout that dress Meryl Streep was wearing?

Or, even better than THAT ....how 'bout her speech!
The lady's got CLASS 

(even if the DRESS is a little, ummmm . . . odd and not very flattering).

What's your quickest/ fastest knit stitch type?

I agree with you Kathy. Stockinette is my quickest.
Ribbing is definitely slower and
CABLES the slowest.

Have you had a recipe fail lately?

It wasn't exactly a "fail", 
but more of a "meh".
We usually make steaks on our gas grill,
but we don't have one here at the apartment so I broiled steaks in the oven.

Just NOT the same!

I think a new grill will be one of the first things we purchase when
we move into a home of our own.

I think Giroux has found his own way to 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jacksonville has ♥

It's COLD in Jacksonville today.

Tonight it will be going down below freezing.

This good deed showed up in our neighborhood this afternoon.

There are a few homeless people that frequent our area
and someone left heavy knit scarves and hats
to help ward off the chill.

Good job anonymous knitter.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Felines

A few nights ago I decided to read
a little bit before I went to sleep.

*Someone* was right there to help me turn the pages.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Block

The last time I showed my scrappy blanket there were only four squares starting at the bottom left.

A lot has been done since then.
Most of it in 2016.

That searingly bright yellow/orange square was popped on there last night.

That's 5 grams out of the stash for 2017.

So far, no stash has come in.

Slash the stash total       -5 grams

I didn't weigh this yarn before I started knitting with it the first time.
It must be a VERY generous put up.

With a couple of mistakes that ended up in the rubbish,
and a blanket square knitted up,
I STILL have almost 90 grams.

It's very fun yarn, but it doesn't play well with patterns.
Maybe a HAT is the way to go.

Wish me luck.