Monday, October 23, 2017

FYI -----

I will be away from the computer as we prepare for our move back to Philadelphia.

Steve and I got home from our trip up north at 6 PM tonight and found out that the movers will be here early Thursday morning. 

That means we both have A LOT to get done between now and then.

I will not have a lot of computer time, but I will keep up with the KAL finishers as best as I can.

You can help!

1. If you finish something between now and November 3, could you please email me or comment on this post to let me know you have a finish? I will then get you listed in the finisher's list in the sidebar as quickly as I can. If you have a finish currently, but don't see it listed, please let me know.

2. I have deleted the project page for finishers. Everyone that has a finish so far should be listed in the sidebar and your name is a link to your post that includes the project finished in case someone wants to go take a look. Your points for THAT project is shown also.

That's going to have to be good enough. Posting time is in short supply for the next few days.

3. Have fun! Continue to knit up your projects. I may not read blogs every day, but hopefully I won't be AFK (away from keyboard) too long. 

See y'all, I mean YOU GUYS 
on the flip side.