Saturday, October 22, 2016


That's how I feel right now with life.

AND, with knitting.

I just can't settle on a project.

There are packing boxes and disarray everywhere
and it makes it hard for this tidy-loving mind to concentrate.

I decided I didn't like the Dragonfly socks.

So, I took them off the needles.

I tried them on.

I liked them.

But, by then it was too late.

That yarn is an absolute nightmare to get back on the needles.


Re-caked and put away.

In it's place --- something simple.

Something that does not take much thought.

Plain stockinette socks in a simple self-striping yarn.

It's about all my fuzzled brain can handle right now
and it is a quite satisfying knit.

The adorable little project bag came from what will be my
local yarn shop in Jacksonville.

Right now Yarn Cow is very small with a very limited stock,
mostly NORO.

But, the shop owner's mom makes these adorable project bags.

I've already bought TWO and I KNOW I will be tempted by more.

Administrative Details:

Internet will be turned off at our house sometime on Monday and we won't have access in our new place until sometime on Thursday (maybe later). My time online will be spotty and limited. Will be back ASAP.

The countdown is on ----- only 4 more sleeps until we call Jacksonville home! We are more than ready to start our new adventure.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Felines

This photo of Giroux made me laugh when I first saw it.

It STILL makes me laugh.

I watch podcasts and every once in awhile you will catch
a podcaster adjusting their camera.

They have that very same look on their face.

Giroux is all adjusted and ready to record.